Matheson Tri-Gas Ins.

As the worldwide leading supplier of specialty gases and equipment, Matheson Tri-Gas understands the safe handling requirements for the gases used in today’s semiconductor manufacturing environment. Matheson Tri-Gas offers a complete line of specially gases and equipment for semiconductor manufacturing.

Matheson Tri-Gas’ gas source panels & cabinets are engineered to deliver the performance required in the manufacturing of the most advanced semiconductor devices. Whether the gas is toxic, flammable, corrosive or inert, Matheson Tri-Gas has a gas source panel that will deliver the highest process purity, improving product performance and reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Gas panels / cabinets / components

Matheson manufactures ultra high purity panels for use with high purity gases.  Springless diaphragm manual values are used.  All constructions are 316L stainless steel.  Two pressure gauges are fitted on a tied diaphragm regulator inlet and outlet.  VCR face seal are used in all connections. We also provide different connection types and component options depends customer requirement.

Laserwort provide service for special gas piping installation, please click here for more detail information.