Modutek Corporation

Modutek Corporation is to provide turnkey support in the High Tech, Bio-Med, Pharmaceutical, MEMS and Disk Drive industries. Complete process stations, process components, wastewater treatment, custom plastic and stainless steel fabrication, machining/CNC, field service, used equipment refurbishing and software upgrades.

Wet Process Components & Process Station
Over the last 20 years, Modutek has established itself as a leader in providing wet process components to the semiconductor, hard disk and flat panel industries. Here is a look at our products.



-          Wet Process Stations 

                -       Manual

                -       Semi-auto

                -       Fully Auto

                -       Stainless Steel Solvent Stations

-          Megasonics 

                -       MSI Series – Indirect Megasonic System

                -       MSD Series – Direct Megasonic System

                -       MSG Series – Megasonic Generators Qa Series – Quartz Constant Temperature

-          Advanced Equipment

                -       Rotary wafer etching system

                -       Vacuum metal etcher

                -       Quartz tube cleaning station

                -        IPA Vapor Dryer

                -        Ozone Process Station


-          Components

                -       DR – Dump Rinse

                -       F Series – Constant Temperature Filter Etch Bath

                -       QFa Series – High Temp. Recirculating Quartz Bath

                -       Nb Series – Silicon Nitride Etch Bath

                -       RCe Series – Temperature Control Recirculation

                -       Teflon Tanks

                -       Solvent Baths

                -       Chemfeed Series – Chemical Injections System

                -       Controllers

                -      Neutralizers

-          Chemicals handling

                -       Chemical Delivery Systems

                -       Chemical Lift Stations

                -       Chemical Pump Carts

                -       Chemical Collection