T&C Power Conversion, Inc.

T&C Power Conversion is a manufacturer of solid state, high power energy conversion products, with focus on industrial solid state RF Generators and Amplifiers. ENI serves the semiconductor and industrial plasma, medical equipment, and scientific test instrumentation markets. Below is a list if T&C products:

ULTRA amplifiers
Basic RF for Ultrasonic, Medical and Laboratory applications in frequency range of to 20 MHz. Fixed gain amplifiers with AGC capacity and analog remote control and monitoring.

AG amplifiers and Generators
Advanced RF for Ultrasonic, Medical and Laboratory applications in to 20 MHz. Amplifier and generator in one package! Generator operation based on built-in DDS integrated circuit.

Plasma Products
This group consists of 13.56 MHz, AG series generators and ATN matching networks. Designed for laboratory and industrial application. Power range from 300W to more than 2000W. Frequency of operation from 13.3 MHz to 13.8 MHz. Power control and Pulse Mode are standard features.