Thanks to the high performance of its Dilase technology, Kloé has today become the world leader of high-resolution laser direct writing with a large depth of focus over wide surface areas. 

Knowledge and expertise of laser lithography equipment and photolithographic resins provide Kloé with a unique know how in the control of photon-matter interactions.
Naturally, Kloé offers its customers its expertise and know-how of laser lithography by offering its Dilase equipment range as well as providing services based on customer specifications.
For more than 10 years, Kloé has accrued a broad expertise in the field of ultraviolet photo-inscription. Exposure to UV exceeds the field of microelectronic lithography and today finds applications in fields as diverse as biotechnology, optics, medicine... 
In this context, Kloé also proposes a range of UV LED insolator-masker equipment know as UV-KUB, as well as a second UV LED point insolator system for exposures dedicated to microfabrication (planar technology) on smaller surfaces, the K-ILU range.